Monday, November 24, 2008

::AK5105 & AK5112::

Hmmm... Just 2 more days to go then i'll fly to KL...
Take 1 week leave... hahha:-)
Love that!

AirAsia here I'm again flying with you again...
You must thank me for this ( pergi balik tuee). No budget to fly with MAS... heheh:-)
May be next time...

Shah Alam here I come!!

I'll update after my leave.

Friday, November 21, 2008

::ThE AmazinG RacE AsiA SeasoN 3 FiNaLe::

1st : Sam&Vince
2nd: Geoff&Tisha
3rd: Ida&Tania

Finally, HongKong team won this season...
So lazy to review... its Ida&Tania mistake not taking the same flight as Geoff&Tisha take at first... If not, they may have bigger chances. But what more to say, it's already finished. Even so, great job Ida&Tania!

Congratulations to Sam&Vince...
I didn't expect them to win becoz of the 4hours penalty... But in this race, anything can happen... With operations hours, flight time and so on... everyone can catch up.

Can't wait for TARA4...
have to wait for a year... hmmm:-)
Never mind.. OIAM coming soon!

Another reality series that I've been waiting for...
After SUKI n' AYU... who's next?

Anugerah Juara Lagu also coming... with semifinal is just around corner!
Love that!

Ciou... :P

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

::Pesta KOBIS Sabah 2008 & Fun Fair::

Pesta KOBIS Sabah first introduced 11 years ago ( 1997 - I was primary 6 at that time).
Forgot to take picture of that colourful 'pesta' (nanti kalo nex year ada chance mo pg tingu, nnt sy ambil gambar). After 5 years, then finally I got chance to celebrate the Pesta KOBIS sabah 2008 at my hometown last weekend. Its 14-16 November 2008. Since 2003, I haven't been able to join this Pesta Kobis Celebration... Huhu:-(

1. 4X4 Camel Trophy ( Sempat tgk tp sikit sj... Rusak trus tu padang. xda guna lagi...)
2. Pertandingan Memasak Masakan Tradisional ( lgsg xpg tgk or xsempat tgk or mmg xmau pg tgk)
3. Persembahan ( time nih baru sy dtg... malam punya! Siang xsempat, pg karaja!)

Itu saja yg sy tau lah... There's a lot more, but I dont know the details... majlis dirasmikan oleh Datuk Masidi Manjun.

Sempat pg fun fair. Ramainya org. Sempit tul tmpt dia. I got 2 bottles of minuman ( cola& minuman kaler hijau. Lupa apa nama dia). If I remember, I'll upload gambar itu minuman di sini... Hasil dari main dat. RM1 for 1 dat. So expensive lorrr! Lucky me becoz with RM5, I got 2. Hahaha...

Also sempat men rollercoaster (kalo bleh dinamakan rollercoasterla... 100 times xmenggayatkan & xmengujakan if compared to which I've experienced at Genting Highland) But still ramai juga yang berteriak-teriak. Mgkin sbb time turun ada juga rasa sikit2 ( if u know what I means). RM3 per entry... xtau berapa pusingan. Bolehla kalo mau have fun!

Okay, that's all la pasal Pesta Kobis & Fun fair...

P/S Downloading KDrama Queen Of The Game Ep1-20 at this moment. May be lepas konvo baru siap smua.... On download masa my leave to convo... heheh:-)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

::ThE AmazinG RacE AsiA SeasoN 3 Week 10::

Sy mau post kelmarin ( semalam kot kalo kat semenanjung) tp xsempat...
banyak kerja, xputus2 oo... Malas sy;(

So, here I am to review TARA3W10...

1st : Ida&Tania
2nd: Geoff&Tisha
3rd : Sam&vince
4th : AD&Fuzzie

AD&Fuzzie have been eliminated from the race.
Then, the final three next week will be the top three:
Malaysian Team : Ida&Tania ( win 2 leg - week 4 & 10)
Phillipine Team : Geoff&Tisha ( win 2 leg - week 7 & 8)
Hong Kong team : Sam&Vince ( win 3 leg - week 5, 6 & 9)

Who will be the winner in this season...
Season 1 - Malaysian Team - Zabrina&JoeJer
Season 2 - Singaporean Team - Adrian & Collin
Season 3 - ?
Wait ya next week...

Xsabar lg o mau tunggu:P

P/S Ponsikou kumaa c Hisham sebab tulung sy book tempat...
Nanti kalo ada masa n sempat jumpa ko, sy blanja... heheh:-)
Siow menyusahkan ko sj.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

::Tak Guna Punya RJ-45::

Tadi my boss ask me to setup RJ-45 cable... cross cable.
Slalu skali ja buat, dh successful. Ni Berapa kali buat... dalam 5 kali kot.
Boss mintak 20M tapi tinggal 18.5 meter. Hahahha...
Dh la penat + panas.. siol tol la..:-(

Pas tu cable yang dah pendek tu, sy buang ja la...
Then buat baru.. Alih2 yang baru tu.. skali ja buat.
Trus OK...

Makan terpaksa tangguh.. kul 3.30 tadi bru sempat nak lunch...

Xpa... satu pengajaran. Dlu men ikut ja contoh cable tu.
Skrg dah ingt susunan kaler cable... heheh:-)

Bah.. Mau balik suda... Hari Isnin sy update lg... Kalo Rajinla!

::ThE AmazinG RacE AsiA SeasoN 3 Week 9::

Malas nak tulis....
Just gtau result jer la...
No 1 : Vince & Sam
No2 : Ida & Tania
No3 : Geoff & Tisha
No4 : A.D & Fuzzie

Minggu ni xda penyingkiran... so nex week akan ada penyingkiran.
Season ni just ada 11 whole week ( referred to wikipedia ).
So, just tinggal 1 minggu b4 final week...

Kita tgu & lihat siapa yang akan menang... kalo 1st season team Malaysia menang, 2nd season team Singapore... 3rd season siapa????


Saturday, November 1, 2008

::ThE AmazinG RacE AsiA SeasoN 3 Week 8::

As expected, Week 8 is an elimination week. And unfortunately, my favourite team in top 3 Henry&Bernie eliminated. Luckily for another Malaysian team, Ida&Tania was safe and got 3rd place in this leg. Actually they come in 2nd but because of the 30 minutes penalty on not coming in 1st after 2 rows in last place, A.D&Fuzzie taking over them in 2nd place. Sam&Vince in 4th place. Geoff&Tisha once again win this week.

What more to say...
Gud bye Henry&Bernie...
Hope to see Ida&Tania in final.
After three season, Malaysian always got place in Final. Who knows, Ida&Tania was lucky as Zabrina&JoeJer in 1st season.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

::Very Rily Busy Today::


All I do today was sigh... becoz:
1. I'm so tired
2. So much things to be done
3. Feel bored n tired with same work everyday!
4. Weather so hot today.. Can't stand that!
Don't know why!!!!?

Kerja2 tp xder duit jugak...

Waiting for 9PM today:)
What is it?

Friday, October 24, 2008

::ThE AmazinG RacE AsiA SeasoN 3 Week 7::

Last nite as usual I watched TARA3W7. Even I have work to complete b4 saturday.
To watch TARA3 is compulsory for me... Hehhehe:-)

And this leg won by Tisha&Geoff.... They deserve to come in 1st because of their effort to become no.1 in this race. Sam&Vince arrived in 2nd, A.D&Fuzzie 3rd, and 4th was Henry&Bernie. Henry&Bernie got shocked becoz they guessing that they are in 3rd position. And same with A.D&Fuzzie, they thought that they are the in 4th or 5th place. But becoz of the taxi problem after they have completed the gambling game, A.D&Fuzzie taking over them. And once again, Ida&Tania the last team arrived at the pit stop. Like last week, this is also the non-elimination round. They save again this week... That was good because i see them doing great with the race.

Chayyok2 Ida&Tania:)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

::HuH HuH aaarGHHHH...::

Mengeluh panjang ja sy mgu ni...
coz today sudah 3 hari I work alone. N mmg memenatkan n menyusahkan.
Tapi apa buli buat bah kan... suda bgini. Malas sy...

Sama dengan jumlah hari sy kerja di KK hari tu... Just 3 days and I resigned.
Xtahan oo... Mana tahan kalo kerja begitu. Bgus krja cni kampung ja...

But bcoz of 3hari ni, sy rasa malas suda mau kerja oo...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

::ThE AmazinG RacE AsiA SeasoN 3 Week 6::

Long time not updated my blog. Last week I try to do new job but feel uncomfortable with that. So, quit it and do my 'job' now... It's only 3days. Huh:(
Cannot stand lorrr:(

Because of that I miss watching TARA3W6 last week and just had watched that last 2 nite. Last week is non-elimination leg. So, there still 5 group. Unfortunately Ida&tania who come in last, will start this week with no money at all. That is as a punishment to them. It still same from the last season:-)

HongKong team, Vince&Sam win this leg, Bernie&henry 2nd, Geoff&Tisha 3rd, and 4th is Singapore team, AD&Fuzzie.

Feel so lazy to update my blog these few days.... dont know y..?

Friday, October 10, 2008

::ThE AmazinG RacE AsiA SeasoN 3 Week 5::

I watched TARA3 week 5 last nite:-)

I was so excited watching that. To see what happen next whether Ida&Tania will win this round. Unfortunately, they come is 2nd last. uhhhhhhhh:(
Nasib baik xterkeluar.

I thot that last nite, it is non-elimination week. But, it vice versa.
After 5 weeks, there are all elimination week.
This round, Hong Kong team, the best buddies Vince&Sam won the race. They're lucky coz find the correct Blu-Ray while the other team struggle in finding the rite one. Huhu:(

It's so pity to see Ida&Tania who come 1st at that shop but stuck in there till 3 teams already ahead them. But, the Phillipines team was so unlucky there, becoz they haven't find the Blu-ray till the shop closed. Pity them:(

Hong Kong team took the FAST FORWARD and the 1st come to pit stop. Henry&Bernie in 2nd. A.D & Fuzzie come in 3rd....

This episode, say gud bye to Phillipines!

Monday, October 6, 2008

::ThE AmazinG RacE AsiA SeasoN 3 Week 4::

Still in Raya mood...
So late to talk about the 4th week of TARA3. But still want to talk a little bit about it. Coz once again Malaysian Team won the race. This time was Ida&Tania turn. Love that! So proud with them:-)
Henry&Bernie falls in 4th place after won the race in two rows time....
And once again, Hong Kong team, Sam&Vince came in 2nd.
This time Indian team, Kapil&Niroo (father&Son) have been eliminated.

Gud bye India... This was the 2nd team of India eliminated from the race...

::6th Of OctobeR::

Still tired with all 'Raya' celebration...
But, nothing else that can be avoid for, have to come for working today.

WelcomE To SmarTCoM:-)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


:: So HappY :-))

Today was my final day working for this month:-)
I'm off for 1 week. Heheh :-)
I'll start working again at 6th October, LOVE that!
So, before enjoying my Raya break, wish all muslims


Friday, September 26, 2008

::ThE AmazinG RacE AsiA SeasoN 3 Week 3::

Last nite, i was excited to watch TARA3 week 3...
Henry & Bernie Chan (Malaysian team) again win the 3rd pit stop and other Malaysian team ( Ida & Tania ) comes in 3rd. It was a very closed competition between 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The 2nd was from Hong Kong which represented by Vince and Sam.

I was so dissapointed with the beauty queens from Thailand especially Natalie. Pity Pailin grouped with her. I felt that Pailin was trying really2 hard but Natalie just didn't cooperate well with her. See when Pailin doing the car task, it was so touching. Unfortunately, they come in last.
So, as usual Allan Wu said, " I'm sorry to tell you that you have been eliminated from the race". I thought it was a non-elimination week because after 2 weeks there are all elimination week even in the 1st week. Not as same as the 1st and 2nd season. But, what to say...
Its good for Natalie not in the race anymore....

So, good bye Beauty Queens.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

::24th DaY::

::Raya oh Raya::

Another less than 1 week to go...
No baju raya, No kasut raya, No new things in this comin' raya...
All are the old one... Just wear what I got..:-)

My money goes for buying ticket On November.... it's about RM 500 AirAsia for now, but don't know what the price after raya. Must be high than that!
2 Months to go...
Must save a little bit for that!

Mampus kalo xda duit. Mau tdo di mana nanti!

Friday, September 19, 2008

AlonE in FridaY:>>>

Again I'm alone today!

I have watched TARA3 last nite:-)
thought it wat I hour but it extended 30 minutes... Love that!
See Malaysian Team Bernie & Henry Chan win the 2nd pit stop...
Ida & Tania finished in 6th. But love them! They lead the 1st and 2nd task...
If the kedai bunga still open at the time they arrived there, definitely they'll WIN the RACE.

Want to have off day tomorrow... My sisters want to celebrate her daughter Birthday Party@ Majlis berbuka puasa. hehehe....:-)

Friday, September 12, 2008

^^Huh! BusuK...NyerrR....^^

Hari ni aku turun kerja macam selalu...
Aku lambat sketla dalam kul 0625am, sbb slalunya aku bangun 0610am (tdo pas sahur.. hehehe:D)
Lepas bersiap, aku naikla keta... aku macam terhidu something weird kat dalam keta.
Pastu aku cakapla ngan my nephew tu... nephew aku tu kecik lagi, bru je nak masuk 5 tahun...
Anak buah saya tu nama dia Balqis, tapi slalunya saya panggil die Bi jer...

"Bi, c Balqis terpijak tai ayam ka?"
"Ndakla, kenapa?" Dia balas.
"Saya macam terhidu bau tai ayam la dalam keta". Aku balas la balik.

Pastu aku tercari-cari dari mana bau busuk tu datang...
Aku tergelak terus sbb nampak ader tahi ayam dekat selipar aku...

" Saya pula yang tepijak tai ayam. Malas betul oo.. bau lagi tu!"
"Cakap sama orang, padahal dia sendiri yang tepijak." my nephew said.
"Ya la sebab saya tingu depan terus saya terhidu." I reply her.

Pastu my nephew xabes2 bising ngan her mummy.

Hahaha... bersusah payah aku cuci tahi ayam tu yang dah kene kat karpet keta...

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Keseorangan aku di hamparan maya
Dalam kedinginan yang menusuk
Terpacu oleh kebosanan tiada tara
Persada impian tak kunjung tiba
Persis luruh tiada pohonan....

Menanti detik yang dinanti
Saat untuk ku pulihkan derita ini
Tak rela tapi pasrah
Sudah suratan nasib diri
Menggigit temasya ini...

Monolog tak sudah-sudah
Memikirkan haluan yang tergantung
Di dahan yang rapuh
Tidak bisa menyokong derita ini
Putih gigi lansung tak kelihatan...

Di mana kesudahan
Pencarian temasya indah
Jauh dari temasya ini
Yang tidak pasti.

Friday, September 5, 2008

::Happy Fifth fasting Day::

It's 5th fasting day today:-)

I'm alone here today because my officemate took her off day today.
Yesterday someone took her handbag while entertaining 2 guys. She said, there's 3 guys at the moment and the 2 guys asked her a lot and she entertained them and absolutely forgot about the other 1. Huhu... what a bad luck in RAMADHAN!

Don't know who the hell doing that in fasting month! I'm out at that time, so I don't know how it really happened.

So, she go to Police Station today to report about the incident. And my Big Boss just called me, he plan to install cctv in this premis. I'm absolutely agreed with that plan because my officemate told me that she already been stole two times since she worked here.

Hopefully the plan is not just a plan:-)

See how the plan conducted soon!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

?Y So BoReD 2DaY^

I'm so boring today...:-(
There just a few customers coming here. But still there's luck for me today and that was not always happened. Hehe.. Seriously!
There's chinese coming to ask me to type his agreement, he was actually regular customer here. And as always, I charged him RM1.50 per page for typing and print. But he give me RM10 and ask me to keep the change.

He said,"Nah, bikin minum kupi".
My office mate( rakan sekerja la kunun..heheh) ask me...
She said,"Berapala ko minta dia?"
and I reply," RM1.50 ja."

Then I save the RM7.50 to buy makanan untuk berbuka nanti.
If I got money like that everyday for free. Sigh;-(

DOn'T KnOw what else to write.
Waiting for 2hours more before going back and ready to berbuka.

^^MadaH PembukA CeritA^^

Assalamualaikum Wrh Wbt...

Lama dah aku berhasrat nak wat blog... tp asek tak sempat je. Then now my first post of my blog dah kuar ari nih kul 0920am, 4 Ramadhan 1429H bersamaan 4 September 2008. Dengan penuh rasa girang, saya menyeru semua kengkawan tuk baca blog aku nih! ekkkkk.....:-)

Kalo ada masala... kalo xda, nak wat cm na kan? hmmm...
Anyway, Selamat Berpuasa kepada semua yang berpuasa:-)