Monday, March 15, 2010

.::Shah Village Hotel, Petaling Jaya::.

Hmmmm.... How to start ya... The last time I have been here at KL was last year October 2009. Thats already five months ago... But still I feel its not long ago... Actually was lazy to go here this time coz I have something urgent to handle at my place there... But then, since its my job then what to do. I have no choice except to attend the course here.

I will be here at Shah Village Hotel from 15th March 2010 till Thursday 18th March 2010. Unfortunately, its school holiday week. I will be glad if the course being conducted not in school holiday. Huhuhuhuhu:-(

But been here since yesterday (sunday) till this coming sunday (21st March 2010). Got chances to meet my sister again this saturday. My bro was here also but will be back to Kelantan on Thursday. So, no chances to meet him this time. Perhaps next time...:-)

It's my first time here at Shah Village Hotel. Its nice here. There's a swimming pool in the centre of the hotel. Yup, I almost forgot to write it here. There is film shooting here today but I dont know whether its a telefilm, film or drama series. The actor&actresses also not so well known. If im not mistaken the actresses was Fida ( the one who look like Siti Nurhaliza). She's wearing tudung. But I dont know whether its her or not... Hehheeh:-0

Hmmm... ok... thats it for this entry... Will update more later ya...