Sunday, July 26, 2009

::KG. KinasarabaN KundasanG RanaU::

Hmmm... Still very tired today. Just came back from KL yesterday. Been in KL since last Wednesday (22nd July 2009) till saturday (25th July 2009) for attending a training. Its just 2 days training but since Im working here in Sabah, so I take 2 days extra for travel purpose. Huhu:-(

Im flew with AirAsia AK5102 to KL and returned with AK5120 to KK. Luckily have been prebook with Nasi Lemak Combo. Never taste this Nasi lemak before because always been provided with Nasi Ayam and Nasi Beriyani. Its simply a nasi lemak with half boiled egg, kacang, ikan bilis and ayam masak entah apa (Ayam tumis dicampur ngan daun kunyit kot). And there is piece of daun pisang inside the container. Hahaha:-)

Have meet up with my younger sisters (biah & fida) there in KL last friday. We go to Masjid Jamek area because my older sisters asks to buy jubah and my mother ask for baju dan seluar. Its so hard to find one there with that crowded. Its irritated me. Malas... Malas...n... Malas! Then ended up with only tudung (for my sis, Kajiah), selendang dan baju (for my mum). Hahaha... Biar ja!

Now, online only with dial-up here in my fathers' house. My mother ask me to go to garden to plant cabbages. Feels so lazy to go. But no one can go except me. So, its still me have to go there! Malasnya may pegi! Wait, till I done with this blogging and emailing the scanned of hotel receipt (Swiss-Inn Waterfront Hotel) to my friend Andik Fakhruddin. Need this one to claim huh!

Ok lah... Done already emailing my friend.... will write something soon after my visit to Muzium Negeri Sabah, Monsopiad Cultural Village and Marine UMS... Hope it will be great one lol!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

::Sandakan Trip::

Hampir sebulan aku xupdate blog aku. A little bit busy lately. Having visit to Monsopiad cultural Village, Sabah State Muzium and Lok Kawi Zoo next month. So many things to be handled. Going here and there... Asking here and there. was very frustrating moment when someone we asking for was not listening, not taking attention and not even giving any response. Sialan punya urg ooo!

I am here at Sandakan rite now. Blogging now here in room at Swiss-Inn Waterfront Hotel. Feeling so bored. Nothing to do. Just preparing for presentation tomorrow at ILP Sandakan. Having little briefing to the new ICT Coordinator hired by KPM. Actually, I'm not prepared well for this presentation. And I know some of my friends know that I am not good at giving presentation. Always shaking and shaking... Huhuhu...Sigh:-(
But still want to give my very best tomorrow... Luckily, one of my friend from Johor accompanied with me there at ILP tomorrow. So, hopefully the talk will run smoothly tomorrow.

Long time not been here in Sandakan. May be in 4 years already. There's a lot of changes here. Especially with the development of Sandakan Harbour Square. This hotel also located here in SHS location. This development is not 100% completed... This is SHS website... You can take a look at this commercial development progress.

AKu nak share something tadi masa fly dr KK-SDK. !st time aku rasa sangat-amat-banget takut naik kapal terbang. Time lalu kawasan Kundasang (kalo aku xsilapla), Aku naik AirAsia nih... Boeing 737 jugala. bukan Fokker... Awan tebal nak mampos, kapal goyang gila babi... gegar yang ko akan fikir ko hanya tinggal nama lagi o nanti. 1st kapal goyang, aku ok lagi. Pastu dia goyang-gegar-goyang-gegar dan dengan megejut dia terjatuh ( macam tiang turun dkt genting highland tu... Xtau ape nama die.. Tiang yang tinggi tu). Aku terus mengucap. Orang sebelah aku dah teriak dah. Aku dah bergegar sangat. Macam dah ralat nak naik kapal lagi. Dahla sabtu kne naik lagi nak balik KK.. huhu. Xmau ada experience macam tu lagi... Nak mati je aku ingt tadi. Xsabar nak smpi Sandakan.. huhu:-(

Okla... Malas aku mau tulis lagi. Nda tau lagi apa mau tulis. Nanti aku update lagila kalo ada event yang best aku buat. OKla...