Thursday, February 26, 2009

::LabuaN I'M CominG::

Hmmm.... Lama betul xUpdate blog nih! Nothing to share about.
Always doing the same thing each day...

Tomorrow I will be fly to Labuan F.T. Hehe:-)
Dah lama teringin nak p Labuan... Finally, I'm going Labuan tomorrow.
Fly with MH3041, 0705am from KK and will reach Labuan at 0735.
Hope enjoying my day trip there.

I will try upload some pictures in Labuan the next day.. But can't promise coz my camera lens broken already. Don't have much money to buy new camera.

Last month I lost my phone. I tot its tercicir while I'm in Taxi to Kota Belud. Terkeluar dari my pocket kot. Kesalahan @ Kesilapan @ Kecuaian sendiri. Nak wat cam mana kan. Huhu. So, my 013-8943677 also lost. I haven't claim the number yet. At this moment, I just using my 013-3553967 upax number. Will try to claim my old number. Nombor TMTouch tuuueee... Siap ada 3seconds lagi dulu time diploma... Miss that day! Hahhaa... Mana mau cari galang ganti yang baru. Huhu:-( But at least, I got that number again. Thats enough for me.

Okayla... Thats all! Chioowwww...:-)