Thursday, September 4, 2008

?Y So BoReD 2DaY^

I'm so boring today...:-(
There just a few customers coming here. But still there's luck for me today and that was not always happened. Hehe.. Seriously!
There's chinese coming to ask me to type his agreement, he was actually regular customer here. And as always, I charged him RM1.50 per page for typing and print. But he give me RM10 and ask me to keep the change.

He said,"Nah, bikin minum kupi".
My office mate( rakan sekerja la kunun..heheh) ask me...
She said,"Berapala ko minta dia?"
and I reply," RM1.50 ja."

Then I save the RM7.50 to buy makanan untuk berbuka nanti.
If I got money like that everyday for free. Sigh;-(

DOn'T KnOw what else to write.
Waiting for 2hours more before going back and ready to berbuka.

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