Friday, September 5, 2008

::Happy Fifth fasting Day::

It's 5th fasting day today:-)

I'm alone here today because my officemate took her off day today.
Yesterday someone took her handbag while entertaining 2 guys. She said, there's 3 guys at the moment and the 2 guys asked her a lot and she entertained them and absolutely forgot about the other 1. Huhu... what a bad luck in RAMADHAN!

Don't know who the hell doing that in fasting month! I'm out at that time, so I don't know how it really happened.

So, she go to Police Station today to report about the incident. And my Big Boss just called me, he plan to install cctv in this premis. I'm absolutely agreed with that plan because my officemate told me that she already been stole two times since she worked here.

Hopefully the plan is not just a plan:-)

See how the plan conducted soon!

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