Friday, November 21, 2008

::ThE AmazinG RacE AsiA SeasoN 3 FiNaLe::

1st : Sam&Vince
2nd: Geoff&Tisha
3rd: Ida&Tania

Finally, HongKong team won this season...
So lazy to review... its Ida&Tania mistake not taking the same flight as Geoff&Tisha take at first... If not, they may have bigger chances. But what more to say, it's already finished. Even so, great job Ida&Tania!

Congratulations to Sam&Vince...
I didn't expect them to win becoz of the 4hours penalty... But in this race, anything can happen... With operations hours, flight time and so on... everyone can catch up.

Can't wait for TARA4...
have to wait for a year... hmmm:-)
Never mind.. OIAM coming soon!

Another reality series that I've been waiting for...
After SUKI n' AYU... who's next?

Anugerah Juara Lagu also coming... with semifinal is just around corner!
Love that!

Ciou... :P

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