Friday, October 10, 2008

::ThE AmazinG RacE AsiA SeasoN 3 Week 5::

I watched TARA3 week 5 last nite:-)

I was so excited watching that. To see what happen next whether Ida&Tania will win this round. Unfortunately, they come is 2nd last. uhhhhhhhh:(
Nasib baik xterkeluar.

I thot that last nite, it is non-elimination week. But, it vice versa.
After 5 weeks, there are all elimination week.
This round, Hong Kong team, the best buddies Vince&Sam won the race. They're lucky coz find the correct Blu-Ray while the other team struggle in finding the rite one. Huhu:(

It's so pity to see Ida&Tania who come 1st at that shop but stuck in there till 3 teams already ahead them. But, the Phillipines team was so unlucky there, becoz they haven't find the Blu-ray till the shop closed. Pity them:(

Hong Kong team took the FAST FORWARD and the 1st come to pit stop. Henry&Bernie in 2nd. A.D & Fuzzie come in 3rd....

This episode, say gud bye to Phillipines!

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