Tuesday, October 21, 2008

::ThE AmazinG RacE AsiA SeasoN 3 Week 6::

Long time not updated my blog. Last week I try to do new job but feel uncomfortable with that. So, quit it and do my 'job' now... It's only 3days. Huh:(
Cannot stand lorrr:(

Because of that I miss watching TARA3W6 last week and just had watched that last 2 nite. Last week is non-elimination leg. So, there still 5 group. Unfortunately Ida&tania who come in last, will start this week with no money at all. That is as a punishment to them. It still same from the last season:-)

HongKong team, Vince&Sam win this leg, Bernie&henry 2nd, Geoff&Tisha 3rd, and 4th is Singapore team, AD&Fuzzie.

Feel so lazy to update my blog these few days.... dont know y..?

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hisam said...

siuknya dpt tingu tv...nantilaa sia seritaa sama ko aaa pasal itu .....
"supan karang ya..."