Friday, October 24, 2008

::ThE AmazinG RacE AsiA SeasoN 3 Week 7::

Last nite as usual I watched TARA3W7. Even I have work to complete b4 saturday.
To watch TARA3 is compulsory for me... Hehhehe:-)

And this leg won by Tisha&Geoff.... They deserve to come in 1st because of their effort to become no.1 in this race. Sam&Vince arrived in 2nd, A.D&Fuzzie 3rd, and 4th was Henry&Bernie. Henry&Bernie got shocked becoz they guessing that they are in 3rd position. And same with A.D&Fuzzie, they thought that they are the in 4th or 5th place. But becoz of the taxi problem after they have completed the gambling game, A.D&Fuzzie taking over them. And once again, Ida&Tania the last team arrived at the pit stop. Like last week, this is also the non-elimination round. They save again this week... That was good because i see them doing great with the race.

Chayyok2 Ida&Tania:)

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