Thursday, April 23, 2009

::WatcH ThiS VideO::

Last nite one friend of me sent me one link to watch. It's youtube url.
I just tot of 'something' bad and want to just ignore it. But he ask me to watch that because thats will amazed you. Actually, Its Britains Got Talent 2009 audition. So, I just open it and wait for it to buffering and watch it. I like watching the show because I've seen America Got Talent before. And I got a little smile and laugh while watching that video in the beginning. But, when the singing starts........

Watch that video. And you judge urself.

I love this video very much.
Hope you all enjoy this video...
Unexpectedly.... Air mata bergenang di kelopak mata!
Deep inside my heart... Saya sangat tersentuh while watching this video.

Watch this video and you'll amazed!

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